novel thoughts on creativity


Hello, thanks for showing up! Creativity includes art of all kinds, including the art of thinking and living life creatively…living life well. I love to paint as well as write. If art lifts your heart, too, and you’d enjoy seeing a brand new painting weekly in your inbox, please click here.

I’ve written for magazines, designed cards, and worked as a land surveyor. I live in Oklahoma with my husband and a few wild deer that feast on my hibiscus. Blue Rope is my first suspense novel and though the novel doesn’t have deer in it – wait, yes it does, briefly – it does have a husband in it. One who needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

The novel is an art form that’s incomplete without a reader. The story sits imprisoned between book covers until a reader locks eyes with it and dives in. Since each person brings a lifetime of filters to her or his own reading, you’ll experience the book differently than anyone else. In a real way, you’re the co-author of this mystery. Please read the post entitled “Excerpt” to see if this book is for you.

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