Louise Penny spoke at FoxTale Book Shoppe (voted Atlanta’s best bookstore a year or two ago) and she told us that…after eating gummy bears and watching Oprah for five years…she finally began a book she wanted to write. Ultimately became Still Life, you know. And then there were a couple more years of hard work after that.

So she was elated when she finished the book and Penny decided to go to a Barnes & Noble to find out how she might get her book into their store. I can just see it…this strong, warm, original woman sans make-up blowing in with that unselfconscious stride, walking up to the girl at the counter. She was bursting with joy. “I just finished my very first book!”

The girl smiled, sharing her happiness. “That’s great! Would you like to pick out another one to read today?”

Yep, it feels like…GOOD to finish a book.

I’m so happy Louise Penny has carved out a permanent place on the shelves of B&N and excellent book stores all over the world. What a nourishing mystery writer. One of my characters suggests that a new reader begin with the first in the series, Still Life. Good suggestion.

You can find an excerpt of the mystery that Kirkus Reviews says “will keep readers turning pages” on this site or learn more about Blue Rope via the handy dandy Look Inside feature on Amazon.