Although I enjoyed finding another five-star review for Blue Rope from an Amazon reviewer who calls herself Blaze Ann, I had to laugh.

I clicked on her highlighted name out of curiosity and scrolled down her reviews of all sorts of things, including books. There was mine and then…what!? The woman gave John Grisham’s novel, The Whistler, only two stars? Apparently I’m fortunate that Blaze Ann liked my book so much–it’s easy to see how she gets her moniker because she often sets fire to novels with words like stupid and boring. Adjectives that will cause an author to take a bottle of wine to bed with them at night like a teddy bear.

I posted the pics on Facebook that I took of my computer screen, making light of the whole thing. Someone suggested I adopt the tagline: Better than Grisham. But you know what? I felt uncomfortable doing it.

I’m a good writer but not a good marketer. Yet.

I suppose I’ll have to become better at offering my work. It’s not easy to say, “Here’s the book I worked so hard on…please check it out.” That doesn’t work. I’m a little lost where that darn marketing part’s involved. A novel is an art form that isn’t complete without a reader. It’s like that tree that falls in the desert with no living being present…does it make a sound? Well, no, of course it doesn’t. It makes sound waves but if there are no ears and brains to register them, there’s only a quiet, rippling pattern of air. A novel sits on the shelf or table silently–like that falling tree–until another mind sets it alive by hearing it.